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Peach BBQ Pulled Chicken with Peach Coleslaw

The past two days I spent the day at the beach in Wildwood with my in-laws. It was a much needed time to get some sun and relax. I am finally done all my internship hours and now I need to complete my summer class. After that it will be months of studying before I take my registered dietitian exam. School took much longer than I would have hoped for, but the future is so bright and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me! 
As many of you know, Andy and I moved into our tiny home (about 400 sq feet or less) after we got married April 22. My dad and his friends kicked butt to get it done for us. I am so blessed to have so many hard working men in my life, because of them we are able to have our own little home on the lake. Every day I feel like I am on vacation, opening my windows to a beautiful lake. Sometimes taking the kayak out for a joy ride. Another plus is having our air fixed!
I love the heat, but stuck in a small place in the heat is not very fun. We only have a …

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