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Strawberry Mint Mocktail

There are so many reasons for me to celebrate with a mocktail this month! I have been a wife for 1 month and we have lived in a tiny home, that in itself deserves a refreshing drink! Our wedding signature drinks included: lemon cardamon spritzer and a blueberry ginger mojito. There is no shock that I wanted to create a strawberry mint mocktail.

The Recipe Redux's May theme is to create a healthy, colorful drink concoction for May celebrations. One of the biggest celebrations, in May, is Memorial Day. It is a day to honor the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S military. These men and women deserve much more than a day for laying down their life so we can have freedom in America. Often times the parties and beach celebrations cover up the real meaning of this day. But, it is important to remember the reason behind this celebration day. The refreshing, healthy red mocktail is perfect to serve at your Memorial day parties.

In South Jersey, May is peak time for strawb…

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